What Type Of Investor Should I Be?


Getting started in investing is much easier than it used to be. So is improving your returns if you already invest. No longer is the field restricted to the wealthy or large financial institutions. More and more these days every day people like mums, dads, students and even children are trying their hand at what used to be the exclusive playground of the rich.

However before delving into what is a very exciting and potentially financially rewarding world you should assess what type of investor you actually want to be.

1. The buy and holders

The buy and holders of the community put their money into shares that they feel are good value and hold them for expanses of anywhere between 1 and 50 years. This investment style is most suited to people who are long term orientated by nature, not looking for a quick profit and have an eye for good companies. The most famous proponent of such an approach is the world’s second richest man, Warren Buffet, so you could say that it isn’t such a bad style.