Success story: Young and successful Sarah Parker told us how she started earning $65,000 Monthly

A young student from Cape Town who once decided to quit University to pay off her debt now earns record-breaking $65,000 a month and dreams of achieving higher goals. Exclusively for our magazine, Sarah shared her secret of success.

I was raised in an ordinary family which wasn’t wealthy. My parents always worked hard to feed their family. My sister and I were raised hardworking. We were told that in order to achieve something in this world we needed to study a lot and get a good education. Our parents owned a small business which was in the doldrums bringing us no income and making our family debt climb.

I was up for any job to help my parents. I worked as a waitress, took part in promos, tried to work as a night-shift call-centre operator and kept studying at university.

I had plenty of jobs but we were still stranded. I realised that I needed to change something otherwise our situation would never change. Therefore, I decided to quit my university and find a well-paid job without telling my parents about it.

One day, when I was looking for a vacancy on some online platform, I came across an article describing a automated trading platform called Bitcoin Storm and how easy it was to profit as the algorithm tells the user when to buy and sell. I heard about Bitcoin (I heard my university mates talking about them) but I never thought about it seriously and was never interested in how it worked.

Sarah earns $85-$115 per hour without spending a single hour of her life in an office

I investigated this matter and found a couple of video tutorials on YouTube. It was a very clear and stepwise instruction detailing how to earn money with Bitcoin Storm. Besides, there are heaps of online sites where people share their experience and strategies and awesome tips for beginners.

I instantly realised that I needed to have a try. There was no risk at all and I didn’t have to make big investment and quit my studies. After reading the information I signed up for Bitcoin Storm. It featured much of positive feedback. Besides, it looked simple, easy to understand and was highly recommended for rookies.

Thanks to her income from Bitcoin Storm Sarah can travel across the globe.

My initial results surpassed all my expectations. I invested just $250 and earned $96.00 in a matter of just 1 hour! It was a shock to me! To be honest, I was even a bit scared and withdrew the money from the platform immediately. Now I know that it was the fear of having big money as I had never earned so much in just an hour.

Sarah now owns a chain of beauty salons

Two months later I earned my first $15,000 and helped my parents to pay off their debt. I experienced a true sense of freedom and learned how to make big money.

Currently I earn $65,000 monthly. This allowed me to make my child dream come true by establishing a network of beauty salons. New dreams and milestones are expecting me in the future!

Here’s my wallet:

This ordeal taught me to believe in myself and never give up. To use every opportunity your life gives you. To dream, set new goals and move forward no matter how hard it can be. You can always find the right solution! GO TO BITCOIN STORM

Anyone can learn to master this in no time. You don’t need any prior investing experience or business background. You don’t need an education or degree. You don’t need to be good at math either. There is no hard work needed and there is nothing to sell. You won’t have to give up control or follow difficult guidelines. There is no guesswork or ‘luck’ required. Once you get going, it only takes a few hours a week to maintain and watch your account grow. And you can do it all at home, or wherever you want, while you’re doing daily stuff! laughed Sarah.

Of course, you might be sceptical that something so simple could be so profitable. That’s why we decided to put this system to the test – and even our skeptics were completely blown away…


The platform took 20 hours to generate a $80.19 profit , which still impressed me alot! I’ve never puchased Bitcoin before and never made a trade in my life, yet here I was able to generate profits.

I spent about 5 minutes a day checking my results and after 5 days , the platform had traded up to a massive total of $630 . That is a 252% increase in my initial deposit. I was starting to become a true believer in this platform.

After 7 Days my initial investment had traded up to $1,930 . At this point, my mind was racing with possibilities of all the things I could spend that money on. This is more money than I made at work for the week and I spent less than 30 minutes checking the platform.

I decided to keep my account active for 15 days in total, because I wanted to see how high it could go. My account eventually hit a peak of $7,380.10 , but had a negative -$79.51 trade. I looked through my trading logs and discovered that not every trade is profitable, some actually lose money.

The platform isn’t magic, but after 70% of my trades were profitable , the net result was I made $7,300.59 from my initial deposit of $250. It took me less than 30 minutes of work a week and absolutely no technical or investing experience.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I decided to use the ‘withdraw funds’ function to withdraw $7,300.59 from my account.

How I easily withdrew my money from my Bitcoin Storm account

All in all, I was able to make $7,300.59 from using Bitcoin Storm. I decided to pull my money out to pay for an overseas holiday. When I get back, with the money I’ve got left over from my holiday, I will definitely reinvest in Bitcoin Storm. I may even quit my job!

Note: It took 48 hours for my the money to be deposited into my personal bank account.


“Thanks to Bitcoin Storm I can now travel the world and work out of coffee shops, checking my trades and enjoying life!” – Melissa James, London

“I quit my 9-5 last year and have been location independent ever since. I’ve had $1100 profit days using Bitcoin Storm. Because I can use it on my laptop, I’ve been travelling around Asia the last 3 months!” – Thomas, Perth

“My hubby and I get to treat ourselves to some luxury holidays now, we’re making $5k+ a week and loving life!” – Amanda & Brett Davidson, Singapore

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