7 Incredibly Simple Ways To Profit Wildly From Public Domain Material

If you’re in the business of marketing online, a major portion of your income will come from your ability to deliver quality content and products to your market.

Now, besides creating these yourself, one of the quickest and cheapest way to acquire all the content and products you need is in the public domain.

Whatever your requirements, you can find almost anything in the public domain. Examples include texts, audio, images, stock video, music and software…which you can flexibly use in
whichever ways you want!

A word of warning though…

While a large portion of this material is “fair use”, not all the works entered into the public domain database are clear of copyright restrictions.

A true public domain work is information open to the public for use, including copying, distributing and modification at no cost. Currently works published 75 years ago are considered
to be public domain, while those published from 1924-1963 may be public domain – IF the copyright was not renewed.

I would highly recommend reading the public domain FAQ pages at these websites first before you use any material:


However – if you desire an easier and quicker method of monetizing the public domain, you will be amazed at what
you can do at:

Assuming you now have all the public domain content you want, the million dollar question is:

“How do I truly monetize them to create long-term profit streams?”

The answer is in these 7 simple methods:

Method #1: Kick Start An Information Empire

How many mini sites in a week can you set up to sell info-products that has already been created for you? It’s a no-brainer.

Public domain provides the perfect opportunity for creating an empire of super profitable mini sites that can each make money on autopilot for you. It’s really a numbers game…

If one mini site generates a conservative $300 per month, ten of these would mean a nice income of $3,000 every month! What if you just concentrate on getting the formula down to a science and duplicate these mini sales machines every day? Think about it.

Apply this concept to auction listings and you can also create a fortune with public domain and eBay.

Method #2: Churn Out Complete Niche Websites