5 Things about E-gold Investing: Make Money With Currency Trading


E-gold is the process of buying gold electronically. To invest here, one should have a Trading Account with specified NSEL dealers. E-gold units can be bought and sold through the exchange (NSE) just like shares. Here one unit of e-gold is equal to 1 gram of gold. 

Investors who wish to invest in gold as part of their long-term financial goals can buy e-gold in small quantities and keep it in their Demat account. Once their target is achieved, they can take the physical delivery of gold through the exchange. Those who don’t wish to take physical delivery can always sell electronic units and encash them. 

1. Buy/Sell gold in small denominations

Advantages of E-Gold Gold rates on NSE are based on Indian market rates. Investors can buy and sell gold in small denominations. For e.g.- 1gm, 2gm of gold. Transparency in pricing and seamless trading is one of the major advantages of this product. This product is high in liquidity. One can sell it at any point in time. No impurity risks. Trading in E-gold or Investing in E-gold is all about a mechanism that helps you to benefit from the money that is sold on the internet every day. What you do when you deal in e-gold or e-currencies is that you have internet money backup.